The Clear Difference

So what is the C.L.E.A.R. difference?

Clean. TexaClear® products are clean and clear: free of dyes, gluten, alcohol, sugar, acetaminophen and even artificial flavors.

Liquid-Fast. TexaClear® liquid formulas absorb quickly into the body, unlike pills or tablets, which sit in your stomach and have to dissolve before they take effect.

Effective. TexaClear® formulas contain safe and effective active ingredients that provide powerful, fast-acting relief.

Anytime. TexaClear® formulas consist of both day and night time formulas to help you get the right relief for anytime of day.

Relief. TexaClear® delivers multi-symptom relief for allergy, sinus, cough, cold, flu, pain, and even sleeplessness.

Made by Texans for Texans

About TexaClear - Just clear, powerful, effective relief, exclusively sold at H-E-B.

In 2014, GM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. partnered with H-E-B to bring a full line of clear and powerful over-the-counter medications to the market. TexaClear® was inspired by the Texas-roots of both companies, and their shared vision of bringing cleaner, more innovative products to their customers. The TexaClear® brand now consists of over a dozen multi-symptom relief formulas that deliver liquid fast relief without the use of dyes, gluten, sugar, alcohol, acetaminophen or even artificial flavors.