When spring finally comes along after what always seems to be a never-ending winter, most people are more than excited to get into those sandals and drink some sangria in the sunshine. However, as some know better than others, spring has its downfalls. The sunshine feels amazing, but the allergies do not. Sinus pain and pressure, runny nose, sore throat—it’s an annual bad side that comes with the good weather. Here are some ways to ease some of your sinus sorrows this spring.

1) Drink More Water

While you’ve heard this tip plenty of times, water truly can be the cure for all evils. When it comes to your sinus troubles specifically, water will help ease the drainage of your sinuses and thin out mucus so it can pass quicker. Drinking warm water can help ease a sore throat as well.

2) Sleep Slightly Elevated

Sinus issues are noticeably worse during waking hours, because your body as spent all night lying down with no gravity to help drain the sinuses. Mucus ends up pooling in the back of your throat (yuck!) and you can wake up feeling sicker than ever. When you start feeling sniffly, try using an extra pillow and sleeping with your head slightly elevated. This will help you breathe in the middle of the night and keep your sinuses draining while you sleep.

3) Use Steam And Warm Compresses

Steam is a powerful thing when it comes to emptying your sinuses, because it thins out the mucus and makes it easier to breathe. Whether you go in a steam room, take a hot shower, or sleep with a humidifier, breathing in steam can be very beneficial. Also, when you feel sinus pressure building up in your head and eyes, try applying a warm compress such as a wet washcloth to the area. This will soothe the pain and release some pressure from the area.

4) Practice Prevention

While it is impossible to avoid the changing seasons all together, many people notice that there are certain things that cause their allergies or sinuses to act up. The best way to ease your symptoms is to attempt to prevent them from the start. Since this is easier said than done, however, using medication is the next tip, which can make all the difference!

5) Find Some Over-The-Counter Remedies

In our modern world, medicine is definitely our best friend when it comes to annual issues such as sinuses and allergies. By taking sinus medication on a regular schedule, you will be able to function normally and get through your day. TexaClear® Congestion and Pain Sinus Relief is a great product that can relieve multiple symptoms at once such as sinus pressure, headache, nasal swelling, chest and nasal congestion, and it will thin and loosen up mucus. It works fast and is non-drowsy in order to keep you awake and feeling well all day long.

Along with sinus congestion medication, TexaClear® also provides products that can greatly help with symptoms involving allergies, cold & flu, sleep troubles, and pain. Not only are our products effective, but also they are free of dyes, gluten, alcohol, sugar, acetaminophen and even artificial flavors. TexaClear® in combination with these tips will make your annual allergy struggle a little easier.

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