Some people think that it is impossible to eat well, stay healthy, and still enjoy yourself. On the contrary, many of the most delicious foods out there are the exact same foods that are best for you. While of course going on a diet–just like any other lifestyle change–can sometimes be difficult, it is probably not as difficult as you think. In fact, many people who eat unhealthily do so only because they do not know the difference between a meal that is wholesome and one that is not. There is no such thing as a miracle diet; any pill, medicine, exercise or diet plan that sounds too good to be true most likely is. The most real and lasting changes in your health will be the result of a long term healthy lifestyle. Below are a few of the foods that you should eat most often, and a few of those that should be avoided.

Healthy Eats:

  1. Whole grains. In the case of many foods with grains in them, it is as easy, cheap, and delicious to buy whole grains as it is to buy processed ones. The benefits of whole grains include extra protein, fiber and vitamins/minerals, which will help you feel full, eat less, and be healthy.
  2. Raw produce. Raw produce is one of the most essential components of a healthy diet, because it is so full of fiber and nutrients. Always choose raw fruits and vegetables instead of cooked ones or juice. Cooked vegetables often lack the same nutritional value as raw, and fruit juice is far more concentrated in terms of sugar and lower in fiber content than raw fruit.
  3. Unsaturated fat. This means any kind of fat or oil that naturally occurs in liquid form. These fats are far less likely to cause you health problems than naturally solid fats, and should be used in their place whenever possible. For example, try frying your food in olive oil rather than butter.
  4. Any kind of unprocessed/unpreserved/fresh food. Whole, unprocessed foods will almost always be more healthy than processed ones. This is because unprocessed foods tend to have more—as well as a wider variety—of nutrients.

Unhealthy Eats:

  1. Fast food. Fast food is hardly ever a good choice. This is on account of the fact most fast food is unnaturally greasy and high in salt/sugar, and made with only the cheapest, most readily available frozen ingredients. The majority of fast food restaurants fail to take into account what is actually good for you, opting instead for cost-efficiency and convenience.
  2. Frozen/microwave dinners. This type of food is generally rather unhealthy because it is heavily preserved, and typically low in real nutritional value. Although it may take a bit longer to prepare a regular meal, the health values far outweigh this small inconvenience.
  3. Sodas and juices. Most drinks of this type are extremely high in sugar and low in everything nutritional. Diet/zero calorie drinks do not have sugar but pose other potential health problems. If you do choose to consume drinks such as these, be sure to do it only in very small quantities.
  4. Drinking alcohol–particularly in large quantities—has many negative effects upon the human body. Aside from temporarily impairing brain function, alcohol may increase the chances of a number of diseases, including some cancers.

Much of staying healthy is about what you eat and how you exercise, but sometimes it’s just as much about having the right kind of medicine for short term illnesses like cold and flu, as well as chronic problems, like allergies. TexaClear® will keep your body running like the well oiled machine it was meant to be.

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