Although they seem to get less attention than peak allergy seasons, summer allergies can be just as, if not more, serious as spring and fall allergies. Pollen and mold abound in the summer months and cause congestion, fatigue, itchy eyes, and headaches. Although severe cases require medical attention, those who suffer from mild allergies can benefit from some home remedies.

1) Neti Pot

If you have nasal allergies, try this home remedy: fill a neti pot with warm, distilled water and a small amount of salt. Tilt your head to the side and pour the warm salt water into one nostril, allowing the water to drain out of the other, into the sink. It sounds uncomfortable, and, honestly, it kind of is, but it’s effective in flushing your sinuses and getting excess mucus out of your system to alleviate cough, runny nose, and sinus headaches.

2) Local Honey

This theory is still being researched further, but many support claims that local honey can help deter seasonal allergies. The theory is that the pollen which is an allergen to so many, consumed in small doses through local honey, will create a tolerance within one’s immune system and ultimately prevent allergic reaction. Although the benefits of local honey have not yet been scientifically proven to hinder allergies, it’s definitely worth a try.

3) Air Purifier

An air purifier will remove toxins and allergens from your home, leaving you with fresher air. They’re a little on the pricy side, but you might be surprised how affected you are by indoor allergens, especially in the summertime. An air purifier will filter indoor allergens, like pet dander and dust, out of the air, so you can breathe more clearly. Mold and dust are more likely to accumulate during the summer, so now would be a great time to invest in one!

4) Humidifier

If you ever wake up coughing in the middle of the night, consider getting a humidifier. When the air is dry, mucus tends to build up and cause irritation. You may experience nasal drip, which often leads to that nasty cough and a perpetually runny nose, which is no fun if you’re trying to enjoy your summer vacation under the sun. A humidifier will moisten the air around you and encourage said mucus to thin and either evacuate your body or circulate through your system to prevent cough and drip.

5) Keep Your Home Clean

Dust and mold are popular allergens that thrive in warm weather. Always keep your house clean. Dust regularly, vacuum often, and never let food sit in the refrigerator longer than it should. These are easy steps to take to prevent severe allergies.

6) Try TexaClear® Allergy Relief Tablets

Texaclear® Allergy Relief Tablets bring relief quickly and effectively, and they last up to eight hours. Whether you have mild or severe allergies, these tablets will get you feeling in tip top shape for summer vacay ASAP, so you can enjoy the sunshine!

Allergies are tough to deal with, especially when you’re trying to have fun. We hope these tips will help you in the summer months!

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