As the school year gets up and running, it can be challenging to adapt to the changes in our schedules, in our lives, and in the weather. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of six simple tips that can help parents and children acclimate to this new and exciting part of the year.

1) Establish A Daily Schedule.

The increased business and responsibilities that the school year brings can seem overwhelming–which is why it’s important to get organized and establish a routine. Waking up and going to bed at roughly the same time each day is important both for health reasons and in order to arrive at school feeling rested and positive each morning. Setting aside a fixed time for homework each day can ensure that no important assignments are forgotten–and, as parents everywhere know, it can make the rest of the day much more relaxing and stress free to know that homework is taken care of.

2) Plan Healthy Lunches.

When we are busy, it becomes far more tempting to eat junk food. Unfortunately, this is bad for our health, and it often fails to provide the energy needed to succeed while feeling great. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead for healthy and delicious meals. If you pack lunches for your kids (or yourself,) you may wish to consider these 16 tips for packing a healthier lunch!

3) Organize Clothes.

The philosophy of the simple wardrobe has become exceedingly popular–thanks in large part to its famous proponents, such as Steve Jobs, who wore the same iconic combo of a black turtleneck and blue jeans virtually every day. Though most people find that a bit excessive, it does underscore the value in eliminating unnecessary choices from our wardrobes: something that most children have an abundance of. The beginning of the school year is a great chance to simplify by donating all of the old clothes that your kids have grown out of–making your laundry life simpler while also helping out the less fortunate.

4) Get Involved.

Classes alone can seem like a big commitment–but extra curricular activities play a large role both education and personal development. While it is important not to overextend yourself, one or two carefully selected extracurriculars–from sports to chessclub to student government–can really enrich the school experience while offering a chance to meet new friends and discover new interests.

5) Shop Smart.

Back to school sales are great. What’s even greater (usually) the after-back to school sales. A couple weeks after the school year has started most stores begin clearing out back to school merchandise in order to get ready for the next season–making that the perfect time to stock up for this semester and beyond.

6) Stay Healthy.

Fall can be rough. The air is ripe with allergens, and the back-to-school spread of bacteria and virus is in full swing. That’s why eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle are so important this time of year. If (and when) you do encounter allergies or colds, however, TexaClear® is here to help. Available in H-E-B locations all across the great state of Texas, TexaClear® offers powerful, additive-free cold and allergy relief for the whole family. Visit us online to learn more!