Not only does TexaClear® offer powerful formulas meant to stop allergy and cold symptoms in their tracks–it does so without any of the numerous additives found in most cold and allergy medicines. Here are a few of the most common additives included in most similar medications that TexaClear® has done away with.

Dyes. TexaClear® transparent formula is more than just a symbol of our commitment to additive-free medicine–it demonstrates the lack of dye found in our product. Most cough, cold, and allergy medication on the market uses powerful dyes that, in certain studies, have been linked as a trigger that can worsen ADHD symptoms. Moreover, some people experience sensitivity and/or allergies to food dye–and this can make finding suitable medications quite difficult. Carmine, also known as red#4, is a good example of a food dye that has been linked to allergic reactions–as tartrazine (yellow #5) and Annatto (another yellow dye.)

Gluten. The past decade has seen an explosion in popular awareness of gluten allergies and sensitivities. The most common form of gluten intolerance is caused by Celiac disease–and those suffering from the condition are unable to consume even trace amounts of the protein without causing severe discomfort and possible intestinal damage. Those suffering from non-celiac related gluten intolerance experience varying levels of sensitivity: some are able to eat an occasional treat, whereas others must restrict their consumption of gluten just as carefully as those with celiac disease. As anyone who suffers gluten intolerance knows, medications pose quite a problem. Although the food industry was quick to recognize the demand for gluten-free products and respond with a number of creative solutions, that niche is still largely unfilled when it comes to common over-the-counter medications. For years, that left cold, cough, and allergy sufferers with gluten sensitivity with very few options. That’s why TexaClear® is proud to state that all our products are 100% gluten free.

Alcohol. Alcohol intolerance affects many people in a wide variety of ways. Its most common manifestation is quite mild: some people may experience skin flushing, stuffy noses, or digestive discomfort after consuming a single alcoholic beverage. In rare cases, however, the symptoms are far more severe–and a small number of people may actually be allergic to alcohol. Still other people may prefer to avoid alcohol consumption entirely for personal and/or spiritual reasons. Whatever the case may be, if you or someone you love avoids all alcohol consumption, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to find cough and cough medication without trace amounts of alcohol. That’s yet another reason why TexaClear® may be right for you: our commitment to additive free medicine includes leaving alcohol out of our formula entirely.

Sugar. Diabetics and dieters alike know that finding medicine without needlessly added sugars is surprisingly difficult. TexaClear® offers an easy solution to this problem.

Acetaminophen. The active ingredient in Tylenol, acetaminophen helps relieve pain–but excessive use of this drug, especially in children, can cause liver damage and other complications. Moreover, many acetaminophen allergies are reported each year–and the reactions can be quite severe. TexaClear® is made without acetaminophen.